Understanding the Web Browser in more detail

We usually encounter the web browser in the computer upon visiting websites for internet purposes. But what is web browser by the way because many people got confused with what web browser is. Actually, the web browser is different from the search engine. When opening the computer and wants to use the internet like for example you want to use the Facebook, upon opening it you will notice the search engine site and all the other websites and in order to have the browser.

You need to click on the browser Icon and the browser screen comes out where you will type the website address you need. The web browser is essential and is the most important part of the software in the computer for it is here where you can enter web addresses that display the web pages you desire. The faster web browser you have is the faster time to open a page. There are so many web browsers on the computer, we have the Google Chrome the popular browser being used nowadays.

Aside from the Google Chrome, we have the Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and so much more. What we usually do use a web browser is to bring information Like for example if you click one icon which is the. It was Tim Berners- Lee, the director of the World Wide Web Consortium and the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation was the first man who invented the first web browser in the year 1990. The World Wide Web has something to do in the growth of your business. Find out more about SEO. More often this was used in marketing online services to promote their products and services to gain more profit.