What is cyberbullying and how to protect your child from it

In my high school days, I heard one female student from the other school who suffered from depression due to cyber bullying. I often heard this word without knowing and understanding about its real meaning until such time when I myself experience the same thing when my friend uploaded one of my picture in the Facebook from a stolen shot.

What made me so disappointed is that my friend did not even asked for my permission or notify me of uploading the picture. The stolen picture of mine causes a lot of negative comments about me that made me doubt myself, I even look down on myself and even lose my self-confidence. At that point, I realized the negative effect of the internet in the matter of cyber bullying. The word cyberbullying is a negative word. This is the act of someone with an intention to bully other people through the use of computers, cell phones, and other computer devices for private protection, see this site 徵信公司. It actually involves stolen pictures, threats, negative comments, pictures or videos posted, hurtful comments and so much more.

It was also proven that cyberbullying has a psychological and emotional effect on the person being bullied most especially when repetitive bullying. You can think negative about yourself being exposed to humiliation and people laughing at you coming to the point of having low self-esteem and confidence click here.  You may suffer also from social anxiety wherein you may socialize only with the people you know and is extremely shy and self-conscious to socialize with others.