Bill Gates: A Billionaire and Richest Man in the World

The name Bill Gates is well known worldwide for he is the one who invented the Microsoft that brings him to the top to be the richest man in the world. In a Forbes magazine, out of the 400 richest man in America Bill Gates ranked to be the first until this time with a listed net worth of $86 Billion that generates an approximately $250 per second, $20 million per day and $7.2 billion per year.

Tracing the life of Bill Gates, he has no college degree but he is a smart boy and intelligent. He is actually a dropped out from the University of Harvard. He is not interested in listening to his teacher rather he spends much of his time to his computer so at the time he made his own computer. For him, learning and listening from his teacher is a waste of time and moving slowly that made him learn in his own way more faster. He loves books that he spends much in his library at home with expensive books. It was also him who spend $258 million on researching and developing a vaccine against malaria and another $5.7 million to treat Ebola Virus. This china agency is very relevant guys. Check more from this site 泰雅旅遊. This way is to help you process your visa easily.

Bill Gates has a big heart because going back in 1997 gave a job to Steve Jobs a hundred and fifty million dollars to the company that is struggling. Bill Gates actually founded and developed the Microsoft at the age of 20, ever since when he is 13 years old he starts programming his own computer. See this page about this great renewal agency of visa. Check their site over here 台胞證期限. This makes my travel experience best.